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Empowering Every Child's Potential

At Casey’s Special Education Services, we are proud to be a fully inclusive special education company that celebrates and embraces the diversity of all learners. 


"Every child deserves a high-quality education"

We firmly believe that every child deserves a high-quality education, regardless of their abilities or challenges. Our doors are open to students of all backgrounds, learning styles, and abilities. Whether your child has a specific learning disability, is on the autism spectrum, or faces other unique challenges, we are here to provide them with the personalized support and guidance they need to grow. 

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What We Do

  • One-on-One Private Special Education Sessions

  • School Observations

  • Educational Narratives

  • Parent Coaching

  • Document Review & Feedback

  • IEP Meeting Planning

  • Collaboration with Multidisciplinary Teams

  • Educational Partnerships

  • Social Skills Groups

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We believe in creating an inclusive and accepting learning environment where every student feels valued and empowered to reach their full potential. Our team is dedicated to fostering an atmosphere of respect, understanding, and equality, ensuring that each student receives the individualized attention and care they deserve.

Who We Serve

We serve neurodiverse students between the ages of 2-28.
This may include, but is not limited to, students with:


Emotional Disorders


Multiple Disabilities 

Autism Spectrum Disorder 

Executive Functioning challenges


"Our daughter recently started working with Casey and we have been thoroughly impressed with her teaching style. Casey is energetic and engaging, which keeps our daughter focused and motivated during their lessons. Her wealth of knowledge and access to a variety of resources has helped us navigate after school resources. I highly recommend Casey to any parent looking for a top-notch tutor for their child."

Energetic & Engaging


Lanham, MD

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