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Casey Winderbaum, Special Education Teacher

Hi, I'm Casey,
a licensed special education teacher.

I am a passionate, dedicated and goal-driven educator. After working in schools, clinics, and homes, I decided to open Casey's Special Education Services, LLC in 2022 with the clear mission of inclusive, accessible education. My comprehensive approach surrounds the whole child, fostering tangible growth and development for each and every student.

Specialized. Comprehensive. High-Quality.

Our team of licensed special education teachers design creative, individualized instruction for all types of learners. We provide support in the areas of social/emotional, behavioral, and academic skills. For us, it's about highlighting each student's strengths and capabilities, rather than focusing on the deficits. Through the utilization of high-quality, personalized lesson plans and intervention strategies, we aim for every student to reach their greatest potential and achieve set goals. We work with students across the spectrum. We firmly believe that a disability is simply a different ability. 


What We Do

Based in the DC, MD, & VA area, we support families, communities, and schools with all-things special education.  

Pictures of children learning

With our expertise, compassionate approach, and commitment to equity, we bring special education right to your living room. 

& Skill

“Casey is a deeply caring person who has the patience, skill, and understanding to have the deeper communications and connections with children with special needs that are so essential to helping them learn and grow.” 


Washington, D.C.

Individualized Education

“Casey has formed an individualized education plan that works for my 5th grader neurodiverse student.  We homeschool because traditional public school was not for us.  My student is gaining confidence in his work and in the student - teacher relationship.  She brings him measured challenges and uses strategies to meet any frustration.”


Germantown, MD

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I look forward to speaking with you soon!

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