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At-Home Support

Providing Comprehensive Services for Neurodiverse Students at Home


We understand that every child is unique, with their own set of strengths and challenges. That's why we are dedicated to providing high-quality, individualized instruction to students with disabilities in the comfort of their own homes. Our team of experienced special education teachers are here to support your child's educational journey seven days a week. Whether your child attends traditional school or is homeschooled, we ensure accessible, evidence-based learning for all students.


Our Process - How to Get Started

Step 1: Reach out for Support.

Schedule a meet & greet phone call with our founder.

Step 2:
The Initial Consultation

Your educator will assess your child’s baseline skills and create an instructional plan.

Step 3: Create a Schedule.

Create an ongoing schedule that works for your family.

Step 4: Track and monitor ongoing progress.

Meet with your educator quarterly to discuss areas of growth and the plan for the next quarter.

At Casey’s Special Education Services, we go beyond one-on-one instruction. We consider ourselves a comprehensive service, committed to providing holistic support to our students and their families. In addition to one-on-one sessions with students, we offer a range of additional services to enhance your child's educational experience. These services include:

School Supplies


Parent Coaching

We believe that collaboration between educators and parents is vital for a child's success. Our parent coaching sessions provide guidance, support, and resources to help parents navigate the challenges and triumphs of their child's educational journey.


Educational Narratives

Our educators create detailed educational narratives that provide a comprehensive overview of your child's progress and achievements. These narratives serve as valuable tools for understanding your child's educational journey and can be shared with other professionals involved in their care.


IEP Meeting Planning

Our commitment to supporting your family extends beyond the classroom. Your assigned special educator will guide you through the IEP process, helping you understand the goals, accommodations, and services outlined in your child's IEP. Our educators can provide valuable insights and recommendations to ensure your child's educational needs are properly addressed. 


Collaboration with Multidisciplinary Teams

We understand the importance of a collaborative approach when it comes to supporting students with disabilities. As part of your special education team, we go above and beyond to foster strong partnerships with all key stakeholders involved in your child's education and development. We believe that meeting these needs requires expertise from various professionals, which is why we work closely with various service providers, including educational advocates, attorneys, and therapists. We want to ensure your child receives the comprehensive support they deserve.

Speech Therapy

Extensive Referral Network

Our team understands that holistic support is crucial for the well-being of your child. That's why we have established a large referral network comprising mental health therapists, diagnosticians, psychologists, clinics, and other professionals. We recognize that some students may require additional services outside of the educational realm, such as counseling or diagnostic assessments. Our comprehensive referral network allows us to connect you with trusted professionals who can provide the specialized services your child may need. 

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